Destiny……Past Life…Present Life…Choices???


Hellooo there….Its been a while since I have been here…guess more than a year or even more than that …not that I have not thought about stopping by WordPress ¬†its just that the anxiety created by situations and people around me just made me think how would it have ever helped by writing about how I felt change my situations…yeah but eventually convinced myself to write journals of the topics that bothered me …or topics that made me use a lil more of my brains should be penned on paper so that after years maybe when I read my blog it might come as a bitter sweet moment then thinking of the thoughts that ran thru my mind at that particular moment.I have been bothered or may intrigued by a very spiritual thought lately of which I have tried to reason with many people but not come to a conclusion which is satisfactory to the thirst that I feel …The thirst I am feeling about knowing the purpose of my existence…to know why my situations are the way they are…why do destiny of some be so good no matter whatever be their karma and why is that some people have to battle it out everyday even thou they might be good souls….its like “Y…Y…Y…Y” is the questions flying in every corner of my mind ….One very spiritually knowledgeable person told me that its all because of the deeds we perform in our last life…we come to bear the fruits of our karma in last life and its nothing to do what you do in your current life…really is what I asked her…but I asked her we do not even remember what we were or what we have done in our last life then how we come on earth to bear its fruits….this life’s karma’s that we perform is in our hands …to choose between right and wrong path in this life is in our hands…to hurt or to help our fellow humans in is our hands …to make our life’s existence meaningful or meaningless in this life is in our hands…..then even if we decide to do all the positive in this life but still are here on earth to pay for our deeds in previous life is something I cannot digest …is that just an easy answer to the miseries of some to whom Life has not been very fair?Still searching for answers…hoping I’m able to find an answer my heart and mind questions me always!!!!

But still the one to believe….

Life is short so break the rules…Forgive quickly…Laugh uncontrollably…kiss slowly…and never regret anything that make you SMILE ūüôā

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all ???


ME!ME!ME! is what I want to scream back at my mirror but let me be honest its not what I always feel when I want to get an approval from myself just before that family function or just before going for a party with friends where I want to look that cute,sexy,beautiful chic.I have always believed beauty is in the eye of the beholder but when day in and day out you see these¬†size zero or I would want to call stick thin models across all the billboards,hoardings,movies everywhere a poster image for how beautiful should be perceived but actually in reality where does the common woman like me who has a kid and a job and ¬†who is not blessed with a perfect skinny genes does not be pretty in the eyes of the beholder ūüė¶ I fail to understand why we cannot accept that being chubby can be pretty too…being healthy can be sexy too…I wish we would accept and appreciate our own body type and how God has made us instead of feeling low and envious about those models who starve to look that thin and who are obsessed with their weight.It’s not their fault its the way the glamour industry works.I somewhere read that Katrina Kaif was on a salad diet for a month before shooting of the super hit song Chikni Chameli to show off her super toned abs but how is it possible for a working woman with kids be on such a diet ,would she be able to survive the daily marathon she goes through being on such a salad diet…I think the media has put in our head that only skinny is beautiful…I really feel its all connected or else how would the multi million dollar¬†Fitness industry in India succeed so much which is experiencing healthy growth rates and currently has an estimated market size of USD¬†113mn ¬†. Ironical but true and we fall prey to these gimmicks of slimming centers promising to loose weight in 5 sittings and all such NONSENSE…Hoping for the days when women from the M,L,XL category also can be poster images of the BEAUTIFUL,SEXY Woman of today!!!¬†

Hope my wish comes true…till then…Image

Life is short…Break the Rules,

Forgive Quickly…Kiss Slowly,

Love Truly…Laugh Uncontrollably,

And Never regret anything that made You SMILE ūüôā

Letter from my past……..


‚ÄúSandese aate hain ‚Ķ.hume tadpate hain‚Ķke chitti aati hai ‚Ķke puche jaate hain ‚Ķ.ke ghar kab aaoge‚Ķlikho kab aaoge‚Ķke tum bin ye ghar suna suna hain‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ

This is a song from the war based Hindi movie ‚ÄúBorder‚Ä̂Ķheard this song while driving to work this morning‚Ķthe song is very touching and has intricately written lyrics which emote the feelings of a Soldier when he receives¬† letters from his family,friends who are miles away from him‚Ķ.¬†and how much eagerly he waits and longs ¬†for those letters or chitti (a hindi word for a letter)¬†which are a medium to connect him to his most beloved ones‚Ķhis home‚Ķ‚Ķ.for an emotional person like me ‚Ķthis song is very touching ‚Ķespecially there is a part in the song when there is mention of his wife‚Ķ.later his mother‚Ķvery soul stirring‚Ķapart from the soulful music n lyrics what word stuck to my head was‚ÄĚchitti‚Ä̂Ķa Hindi word for letter‚Ķ.i just started thinking when was the last time I received a letter from anyone‚ĶI remembered that my little brat‚Ķmy 6 year old daughter gave me a letter few days back‚Ķ‚ÄúMY MOM IS HAPPY‚Ä̂Ķ.‚ÄĚI LOVE YOU MOMMY‚Ä̂Ķ.boy I was so touched receiving that from my kiddo‚Ķso precious‚ĶI thought to myself how often we grownups write to our parents,friends,family and all those about whom we care‚Ķ.In this age of Facebook,twitter,Instagram,whatsapp‚Ķdid I miss any more that are around :-)‚Ķwhere our relationships start and end at the likes to a particular picture or comment our family or friends have posted‚ĶI sometimes wonder how real is all that virtual likes‚Ķ.smiley‚Äôs and everything else‚ĶSomehow I just cannot connect and feel the same feeling that I used to get when on my every birthday anxiously I used to wait for my Grandfather‚Äôs letter wishing me a happy birthday‚Ķwhere he used to write ¬†on an inland letter ‚Ķthe blue one‚ĶI remember the color too‚Ķ.I still have preserved all the greeting cards and letters from my family,friends,colleagues have¬†sent me‚ĶI still feel their love wrapped in that piece of paper‚Ķ.their care,concern for me‚Ķ..reading them sometimes take me back in time‚Ķfew days back I opened my box where I found a letter from my cousin in Bangalore‚Ķ.Anni is what we fondly call him‚Ķwhen he had written that letter he was probably 14 years old‚Ķ.such a sweet letter it was‚Ķ..he drew a picture‚Ķwith mountains and a house‚Ķand two people‚Ķdepicting my hubby n me‚ĶI was very touched by it‚Ķ. got a chance to speak to him very¬† lately ‚Ķhe‚Äôs probably 23 years now‚Ķ. A very well groomed guy‚Ķbut I fondly remember him as that sweet 14 year old‚Ķ.I still ¬†like to send hand written letters and cards‚Ķ.and also receive them too:-)‚Ķ..I¬† still believe in the touch and feel kinda thing‚Ķso as a family tradition no matter what the occasion we give a card to one another‚Ķ..feels so good when my lil one too¬†does it‚Ķyesterday she made a card for her grandfather‚Ķdrew herself and her grandfather and a big heart‚Ķ.awww‚Ķ‚Ķ.then she neatly wrote‚Ķ‚ÄĚHappy Birthday Appupa(that‚Äôs how she calls him) thank you for all the toys you have got for me‚Ķyou are the bestest‚Ķ.thank you for loving me so much‚Ķ.my heart melted‚Ķ.my Father was so touched when she gave the card to him‚Ķ.it made his day‚Ķ.I feel we all should keep up with the new technology ‚Ķgadgets‚Ķ.but not forget the old fashioned ways too‚Ķ.like the saying ‚ÄúOLD IS GOLD‚ÄĚ

Till next time…..

Like I always say…….

Life is short‚Ķ.break the rules‚Ķforgive quickly‚Ķkiss slowly‚Ķlaugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile ūüôā


Arrivals n Departures…….


Arrivals n Departures.......

Between the numerous faces which we see at the platforms of train stations are numerous inter wind stories…..I have always tried to find those special untold stories that you come across….that unhappy expressions of a couple that are to be separated when the train leaves the platform which will create that physical distance between them…i have always thought about the anticipation felt when the slow movement of the train separates the inter wined hands between the two by the increase in speed of the train….very heartbreaking is that feeling ….. you come across people relocating to different places for work…you can see their whole family coming to drop them off….and the pain felt and the tears in the eyes of those near and dear ones thinking when would be the next will they get to see their loving son or daughter who is going away from them……Now look at those happy faces in the same platform anticipating someone special arriving…the joy when those people meet when the train stops at their destination……its funny we have all these stories around us to be told….understood…..felt!



The title above is a famous quote from¬† the Mel Gibson directed¬† movie ‚ÄúBrave heart‚ÄĚ ¬†an epic war movie which is loosely based on the life of¬†William Wallace a 14th century hero.

The eight words of the title have the meaning worth of I do not know of how many words or sentences put in together because it represents the two very important aspects of life‚Ķ‚Ķone being Life itself ‚Ķ.or to be born and the other one being Death ‚Ķ.the word we hate ….. dread to hear or even discuss‚Ķ.I have always wondered why do we dread to talk about Death is it because of the negativity attached to the word or the feeling of hopelessness or the fear of losing one closest to heart‚Ķ.where you have no control of the situation and only thing that is there within us is to accept the fact that its God‚Äôs wish to take away that person whom we once knew‚Ķ.sounds so cruel‚Ķ.on the contrary if there is a new life born into our family we celebrate with joy‚Ķsweets are distributed ‚Ķthere is an atmosphere of happiness all around‚Ķ.but when we are born into this world isn’t death also the last cycle of life‚ĶI guess its just the acceptance of the harsh reality that will take away the fear from our hearts regarding death‚Ķ..but my curiosity is not about the two aspects of life and death but deeper within it ‚Ķ‚Ķdo we actually live when we live????? I know it sounds funny and you may ask me what a stupid and silly question is that‚Ķ.but I feel that we do not live the way we should or most of times it is wasted‚Ķ we love,laugh,share,express etc. how much we are supposed to‚Ķthe tragedy is that many people take the life they have been given and do nothing with it‚Ķthe song of LIFE which is supposed to be happy,fun,bright,positive,belief stays trapped inside them‚Ķnever sung‚Ķthus never heard‚Ķwe have so many things on our to do list‚Ķlike learning a new hobby‚Ķ..saying hello to that long lost childhood ¬†friend‚Ķbeing around our parents and siblings more ‚Ķ.saying that I LOVE U to your spouse‚Ķgiving that bear ¬†hug to your child‚Ķ.we always say there is always tomorrow‚Ķbut unfortunately that tomorrow never comes‚Ķand you may regret the many things you could have but you never did or even said to yourself n your loved ones‚Ķ‚ĶAll I know that today is the day‚Ķ.now is the time‚Ķ.to do whatever that makes the purpose of your LIFE meaningful for you as well as well as the ones around you‚Ķits not the number of days you lived but how you lived those days that would matter !!!!

Life is short,
Break the rules,
forgive quickly,
kiss slowly,
love truly,
laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile :-)))


What’s in a name?


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”; is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet argues that the names of things do not matter, only what things are…her love for Romeo would be the same even if he would be called someone else…and that she is in love with the person not the name of the person.
This question has been stuck in my mind for quite sometime now….does our name make the person we are or we choose to be the person we are…if what Juliet said is right then why do we mind so much about our names…why are we particular about the way we are addressed….would I be any different if I was called something else …I think it‚Äôs about ownership, and power I own my name, and only I have the right to change it. It is not my name but my control over my name that gives me power and identity…..I guess from centuries its something we have been practicing by social influence categorizing people based on their first and last names…so if they are having an illustrious surname backed by the name they automatically become of a superior class…so the next question arises that we don’t choose the family we are born into right….if given a chance everyone would have loved to be born into the families of Tata’s,Ambani’s,Birla’s n the list goes on n on…:-)

The BIG “C”



Corruption in India is a major issue and adversely affects its economy. A 2005 study conducted by Transparency International in India found that more than 62% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes or influence peddling to get jobs done in public offices successfully. In 2008 study, Transparency International reports about 40% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes or using a contact to get a job done in public office

In 2012 India has ranked 94th out of 176 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, tied with Benin, Colombia, Djibouti, Greece, Moldova, Mongolia, and Senegal.

P.S- The above statements are from Wikipedia on corruption.

I experienced the big C¬† today and¬†and became a part of it too..¬†I can say I am feeling guilty for my actions.It all started with me wanting to be on a fruit diet today because of the big introspect I had on my lifestyle and decided to take charge and watch what goes in my mouth….excercise..blah blah blah…so to get get the best fruit plate near my place in Baner,Pune I stopped at my usual fruit vendor and asked him to pack a fruit plate inturn he asks me “Madam woh apki gadi hai kya?” i was like what and turned behind to see a guy putting a lock to my tyres….i quickly walked towards him and told him Bhaiyya maine gadi sirf ek min ke liye lagayi thi….he replied-Madam 300 rupaye dene honge…my whole fault was I had parked my car a lil crooked in a parallel parking zone…itni badi saza…i was thinking my God Rs.300 just coz my car was parked crooked ūüė¶ I told him Bhaiyya I dont have Rs.300 …he wouldnt listen…I told I have only Rs.100 you can take that if you want too…i paid him that Rs.100 he removed the lock and went and gave the money to his so called Boss…I picked my fruit plate which was origanally Rs.35 but now which had become a costly affair so after the 100 rupees fine the fruit plate costed Rs.135/-.But while driving I realised I should have asked for a receipt from that guy.I realised I should have been more aware of the parking rules…but now by giving him that Rs.100/-¬† and not asking a ticket or receipt I also have become equally part of the corrupt system.

Like we say charity begins at home…figting against corruption or any injustice begins from oneself “ME” then only we can change things around us.

And that is how change happens.¬† One gesture.¬† One person.¬† One moment at a time.‚Ä̬†
‚Äē¬†said by¬†¬†Libba Bray….so true….so inspiring!!!


Raising my RAINBOW :)


Raising my RAINBOW :)

My precious rainbow…my lil daughter Arya…though she’s not lil anymore…she’s a sassy,naughty 5.5 year old with the best smile in the whole wide world…Like a rainbow in the sky brings a smile to everyone’s faces after rains…watching the various colors of voilet,indigo,blue,green,yellow,orange,red paint the sky is a marvellous sight….the same joy,happiness,love Arya bought into our lives….like every color in the rainbow is disticnt with its distict features…with every passing day Arya has taught us a lot about our own selves…patience,love,compassion,strength,faith….that’s so funny that our kids teach us so much and we start reliving our own childhood through them…and so I want to make no stone unturned to make her childhood experiences memorable and pleasant.Being a working mommy(that how Arya calls me) I would’nt lie that I feel gulity about the time my kid spends at the daycare after school.A question has been lingering over my head from sometime would it be better for my daughter if I was a stay at home mommy rather than a working parent.As parents we want to do the best for our kids…Sometime back I had read an article about Its not quantity time but quality time that you spend with your kids that matters the most…So in the pursuit to juggle my family,home,career in a balanced fashion i have to be on my toes the whole day… after work when Im at the daycare to pick up Arya….its all about her after 5pm…my complete attention is on her …we try make up for the time lost…we do lot of activities together…sing silly songs,giggle,watch cartoons,go swimming,draw,sometimes she helps me bake,….awwww….i miss her already…..i guess quality time with your kids matters the most where they know,feel that they are your world and it is for them and their secure future that parents go out in the real world and work hard….Hope Im able to make my rainbow shine bright and make her a well rounded individual ūüôā

Therapeutic Experience!!!!


Therapeutic Experience!!!!

Did not know that I would fall in love with baking and it would prove to be such a stress buster until I joined the cake baking and decoration class at Wilton …but baking took a backseat after I relocated to India from USA last year…finally after so many months I managed to bake a simple sponge cake…baking seriously is therapeutic for me…brought a smile to my face…luckily the cake also turned out to be soft ,nice and tasty:-)..this one is specially for my princess Arya…coz she loves cakes….may this be a wonderful start for the many more cakes to be dished out from my oven ūüôā

Delialah After Dark!!!!


Delilah Rene is the person I used to listen to quite often on radio who hosts a popular show on Radio called “Delilah After Dark”….like the ¬†agony aunt columns in magazines¬†but¬†she seemed different…more like a friend…a guide…who used to listen to callers situations ,problems and play their requested songs … she talked about life,family,friends…etc etc…hearing her voice I imagined her to be a African American lady by origin…but when I looked her up on net I was surprised that she was White,blonde lady…how wrong our assumptions can be na…she was married and divorced I guess thrice n has a bunch of 13¬†kids out of which 10 are adopted¬†…what fascinated me is that talking to her anyone could¬†¬†start believing in luv and togetherness…there was a warmth in her voice…..i luv that inspite of having three failed marriages she still believes and spreads that belief to her listeners¬†that true luv does exsist….

Today I wanna share something she said that touched my heart……


In the end , we only regret the chances we didn’t take……

Relationship we are afraid to have……

And the decisions we waited to long to make……